Gun Safety Course

Gun safety course and how it best fits your needs

Attending a gun safety course ( included in Idaho Enhanced CCW class) can be one of the best decisions made by any gun owner. It can also be one of the best ways of learning how to properly and safely operate and handle a gun. A gun safety course can also provide you with valuable information and a better understanding of basic principles relating to gun safety. Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy believes in total safety when it comes to firearms training. It is this belief that makes Shadow Dawg the superb choice in firearms instruction and training for Boise and the Treasure Valley. On top of that, the gun safety course offered through Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy puts safety above all else, and reinforces this through experience and professional instruction of the basic principles of gun and firearm safety.

A professional gun safety course will always stress that every gun is loaded. That is, no matter what is happening, safety should be your primary concern, whichGun Safety Course Boise means you should always act as if a firearm is loaded. Just remember, when handling a gun, it is crucial in assuming that a gun is ready to fire, which means it is loaded.

There are many safety issues and principles which can be obtained through a professional gun safety course. Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy provides the best instruction of gun safety and firearms training in Boise and the Treasure Valley. Their professional, experienced, and skilled instructors can help you understand the principles of gun safety, and would love the opportunity to train you in the safe and proper use of firearms.