Idaho NRA Classes FIRST Steps Pistol

An introduction into the Idaho NRA Classes and the FIRST steps pistol

Idaho NRA classes and NRA FIRST steps pistolIdaho NRA Classes introduce you to the NRA training programs which are specifically developed to help create awareness for individuals and to meet the needs of firearms orientation and instruction. NRA FIRST is an acronym which stands for “Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training” (Poulson, 2001).

Idaho NRA Classes FIRST Steps Pistol follows the guidelines of the NRA FIRST steps program with a complete understanding for “Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training.” The Idaho NRA FIRST steps pistol and Idaho NRA FIRST steps training program are basic courses covering the fundamental rules of gun safety education Boise, shooting skills, and specifics relating to a particular pistol model.

Because of the focus of a particular pistol model, the course should be completed within 4 hours. Participants will cover information and guidelines from the NRA The Basics of Pistol Shooting and lessons on practical safe use, storage, and cleaning your pistol. The practical shooting exercise covers a single shooting position.

The course goal for the Idaho NRA Classes FIRST Steps Pistol is to be able to give beginning shooters an introduction into the basic knowledge, fundamentals, skills, and the attitude required to safely own and use a specific pistol model.

Idaho NRA Classes FIRST Steps Pistol lessons –

The introduction to:

  • Parts, operation, and overall pistol safety
  • Ammunition
  • Basic fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • Pistol shooting from benchrest position
  • Cleaning, storage, and training for a pistol



No prerequisites are required for taking this course


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