Non-Lethal Ammunition Training for Youth between 5 and 16 Years Old

Issac’s first day – all in the circle

Shadow Dawg is already giving the most thorough, well presented, safest classes in the valley – we have the testimonials to prove it.  We beat the money mills like Legal Heat, Independence, and others – classes are better and cost less.  Now we have started the option of training with non-lethal ammunition.  Shadow Dawg has received such positive responses for its training with non-lethal ammunition.  Adults love it in their private Idaho Enhanced CCW training.  Children can’t wait to shoot again.  We use  the same unrivaled teaching methods and content, with enhanced safety.  Everyone should train with Shadow Dawg – the best for less.  But especially consider introducing your children to handguns in a Shadow Dawg class using non-lethal ammunition.  IT IS FREE FOR CHILDREN.  It is fun and the children learn solid safety, handling and shooting skills.  Upcoming classes:   09/05/2018, 09/19/2018,  10/03/2018,  10/17/2018:  all classes held at Black’s Creek Shooting Range 10AM – 12:30PM

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