Pursue CCW Gun Classes For Safety and Training

CCW gun classes or Concealed carry permit classes are no longer required for Idaho residents who wish to carry a gun

CCW-Gun-ClassesThis has mostly come about due to the recent changes in the Idaho legislature which now allow concealed carry without a permit. Idaho no longer requires permits, which means Idaho residents age 21 or older are no longer required to show proof of passing or qualifying for a concealed carry permit. That literally means no more CCW gun classes or concealed carry permit classes in order to legally carry a concealed weapon in Idaho.

Of course, the new law also means that legal residents will not need any type of gun safety or firearm training in order to carry a concealed weapon. Something about that just doesn’t sound right, but according to Cavanaugh (2016) since Idaho no longer requires concealed carry permits, the state has all but eliminated any need for taking CCW gun classes or concealed carry permit classes. Simply put, there is no need for gun training.

It seems kind of ridiculous, especially since Idahoans will not have to show proof of training or demonstrate their ability to safely handle firearms in order toConcealed-Carry-Permit-Classes carry a concealed gun. In fact, Russell (2016) expresses further concern about the people who will not be properly educated in gun safety, which includes crucial information surrounding the legal aspects. Gun safety education is more than just learning to carry a gun. It’s learning basic fundamentals of properly carrying a gun, safe operation of a weapon, loading, unloading, handgun malfunctions, care and maintenance, safe storage, legal issues involved, when to use a gun, and more importantly, when not to use it.

For a moment, think of an athlete preparing for competition. A person who wants to compete against others in athletic competition would never do so without some kind of physical and mental training. If that is not a good enough example, how about allowing people to drive without taking any lessons. Heck, there are plenty of accidents on the roads already from experienced drivers, imagine the number of accidents without adding some kind of formal training.

Yes, more examples can justify the need for including some type of gun training and safety education, and both pros and cons can easily be argued. But, there is one important factor that will never change regarding the use of firearms, and that is safety!

Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy is well-known for incorporating all measures of gun safety education in all classes and courses offered. In fact, Shadow Dawg goes well beyond other institutions in teaching fundamentals of gun safety. Why? Because it’s the basis for building a solid foundation for firearms use. Our CCW gun classes or concealed carry permit classes not only provides participants with an understanding of gun safety, but also the valuable knowledge and training they need in keeping themselves and those around them safe.

Idaho residents are more than willing to carry a gun for personal reasons. But, more than ever, residents are seeking the education and training they need, even with the recent changes in gun laws.

Contact Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy today at 208-336-3840 with any questions or concerns you might have regarding firearms use, gun safety education, CCW gun classes, or what the advantages are by taking one of our concealed carry permit classes.

Remember – Learning gun safety is not just an advantage, it’s a responsibility!



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