Shadow Dawg Ladies

Our female shooting group is dedicated to providing women in our community with a safe, comfortable environment to engage in shooting firearms.   The big shops charge a hefty price and pay low wages to maximize their profits.  This does not attract the best instructors.  Shadow Dawg Instructors are the best instructors in the valley. And because this group is not profit driven, they are the best to coach and guide you from total beginner to advanced shooter.  You will not find any woman’s firearm training that comes close.   We also use the safest range in the valley, Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range.  Our members turn into the best woman shooters you can find.  You will participate in instruction that will cover basic safety, safe gun handling, gun and ammunition parts, basic shooting fundamentals, defensive shooting principles, defensive shooting techniques, and situational awareness.  We will run fun drills that will challenge you and improve your skills.  You will be an advanced shooter before you know it and will be ready to get your Idaho Enhanced CCW permit.  So if you are looking for women handgun training, women basic handgun safety, women intermediate handgun training, or women defensive handgun training, you want to join Shadow Dawg Ladies.

Who: ladies with the following

Elaine and Billi modeling for a Well Armed Woman banner

Positive attitude

Eager to learn, participate and support others

14 years old or older

Ready to become great shooters

Ready to have fun

Uncompromising safety


Elaine explaining proper grip to an Idaho ECCW class

Elaine Bowles is a founding member of Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy.  She is a former chapter leader of the Boise/Meridian Well Armed Woman.  She is an NRA Training Counselor.  She loves defensive/tactical shooting with her handguns and AR.



We meet once a month at 10AM on the 3rd Saturday of the month at Blacks Creek during good weather, at Impact Guns during the winter.  At times we will meet at Black Dog Clays to shoot skeet.


Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range during good weather.  Impact Guns during the winter


You don’t need a second mortgage to pay high participation fees like some range groups.


Elaine demonstrates clearing stoppages

Become a range member or pay $10 daily range fee at Black’s Creek, $6 at Impact Guns.

The instruction and help is free.

How to join:

Call Ed at (208) 994-2817. Give him your name, address, phone, e-mail: or

email him with the info at

You will be contacted by Ed. He will send you an application and talk with you.


Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range is the safest range in the valley – do your shooting there.

Idaho Guns and Outdoors is a small, local business that will provide you with shooting supplies and guns.  Shop there.