Shadow Dawg TAC2-P – Quick draw, reloads, point & shoot, instinctive shooting

TAC stands for trained and confident, which you will be following the class. This class follows our TAC1-P.  Topics and drills covered are: Timed Clearing stoppages Timed emergency and tactical reloads Timed quick Draw and two shots using flash sight picture, point and shoot, and instinctive shooting (shooting from the hip or retention position) techniques…

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Idaho Enhanced Carry a Concealed Weapon Part 1

Idaho Enhanced CCW Part 1: this will be a 3 hour class that covers Basic handgun and ammunition safety, Basic handgun and ammunition parts, Basic safety rules when handling a gun, loading and unloading a gun, handing a gun off, and bringing a gun to the firing bench for inspection. It will also cover proper…

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