Class Schedule

Thank you for your interest in taking one of our Idaho CCW classes, Idaho enhanced CCW class, Idaho firearms classes, or one of our many Idaho NRA classes. Many people often have questions about the recent changes regarding the need for concealed carry permits in Idaho. While Idaho recently introduced the new permit-less carry law in 2016, tough questions still remain for those individuals who seek responsibility in safe gun handling. The introduction of the new gun law does not remove any of the legal aspects surrounding gun ownership, whether or not it is intended for self-defense purposes.

Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy provides some of the best course curriculums for Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Classes and Idaho NRA classes. Our classes are specifically designed to cover every aspect of firearms use, from the purchase of new guns to the safe operation and handling of firearms.

Please Note: Our schedule outlines specific classes and courses to satisfy the current market in the Treasure Valley area. If a course or class that you are interested in taking is not listed, please contact us as other classes are formed to meet an individuals personal needs and requirements.  Please remember, we are here to serve you and will work hard to offer the classes you need, along with the professional training and quality instruction you deserve in firearms training and gun safety.


Our Class Calendar outlines our scheduled classes and courses.


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