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Idaho CCW Permit

Is it necessary to fulfill the requirements of obtaining an Idaho CCW with the recent changes made in Idaho gun laws?

Now in Idaho, there are 3 ways to legally carry concealed.

Any resident of Idaho, 21 years old or older, that may legally possess a handgun, can carry concealed without a permit.

Any resident of Idaho that is 21 years old or older, that can show proof of training through the military, a hunter’s education class, a handgun training course from a college or the police department or an NRA Basic Pistol instructor, can obtain a permit for the Basic CCW. This CCW requires very basic knowledge and subject matter, takes 3 hours, and is usually conducted without Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy maintains high standard and will not give a class without range time. In addition, any Idaho resident between the ages of 18 and 21 can obtain a basic CCW by completing a ECCW course

Any person 21 yo or older can obtain an ECCW by completing a course that meets the requirements set forth by the State of Idaho: 8 hours of instruction covering basic handgun and ammunition knowledge, safe handgun and ammunition handling, safe handgun and ammunition storage, principles of self defense, 98 rounds of live fire at a range covering basic shooting and defensive shooting , and handguns and the law taught by a lawyer or intermediate post rated police officer.

Idaho Enhanced CCW

What are the requirements for an Idaho Enhanced CCW?

The state requires that the following must be met: 8 hours of instruction including: basic gun and ammunition safety, basic shooting skills including 98 rounds of live fire, principles of self defense, defensive shooting principles, and handguns and the law.

How can I apply for an Idaho Enhanced CCW?

Once you have completed Idaho ECCW training, you will receive a form signed by the firearms instructor and the legal instructor. You take this to the Sheriff’s department in the county where you live. In some counties, the DMV handles the processing. You will pay the fee. At that time you will be finger printed. They will then run a background check, which can take up to 90 days. You will be notified when the background check is completed, at which time you can return. You are photographed and issued a temporary permit. A permanent permit will be issued within a couple of weeks.

What does it mean by Idaho Enhanced CCW?

The Idaho ECCW class is the enhanced carry a concealed weapon course. It is and 8 hour course that covers handgun and ammunition knowledge, handgun and ammunition safety, basic shooting techniques, defensive shooting principles, principles of self defense, and handguns and the law.

Does Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy meet the Idaho Enhanced CCW Firearms Training Requirement?

Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy does not just meet the Idaho ECCW training requirement, our course exceeds it!

Idaho Firearms Training

What is the difference between Idaho firearms training, Idaho gun safety courses, and Idaho concealed carry classes?

The term Idaho firearms training can refer to any course involving firearms – gun safety, basic pistol, defensive pistol, firearms and the law. Idaho gun safety course can be anything from a lecture on gun safety to safe shooting at the range. At Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy, Idaho concealed carry courses vary: Basic concealed carry courses cover gun and ammunition safety, basic shooting skills at the range and gun laws. At Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy, the enhanced CCW class adds principles of self defense and defensive shooting principles, as well as safe drawing from the holster and defensive shooting drills.

NRA Classes

What is the difference between CCW classes and NRA classes?

NRA courses are administered to NRA guidelines for each course. While some NRA classes meet the requirements for CCW and ECCW training, the course does not have to be an NRA course. The Shadow Dawg TAC1-P course is designed to better meet the training needs for persons that are going to carry concealed, and it exceeds the requirements for the Idaho ECCW permit.

Reciprocity Agreement

What states recognize the Idaho Standard CCW?

There are about 35 states that have reciprocity agreements with Idaho for the enhanced CCW. The most accurate and up to date source for which state reciprocate is the Idaho State Police web site. It is always best to check with the state you are visiting.

There are about 28 states that will honor an Idaho basic CCW permits. Check with the state your are visiting to make sure.

What is the reciprocity of the Idaho Enhanced CCW?

There are presently 39 states that recognize the Idaho Enhanced CCW permit. Many of them do not have a formal written agreement with Idaho, but honor the permit. Always check with the state you are visiting for the present status, and for any restrictions. It is always best to check with the state you are visiting.

Standard CCW

What is the difference between a Standard CCW and Enhanced CCW?

The basic CCW is a permit that is accepted by about 28 states, while the enhanced CCW is accepted by about 39 states. I say about, because state’s laws are constantly changing, so it is always best to check with any state you are visiting to determine if your permit will be honored, as well as what restrictions there are.