Gun Safety Education

Why gun safety education is important?

Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy provides some of the best gun safety education courses in Boise and the Treasure Valley area. Above all else, gun safety education teaches individuals the importance of safe handling and safe operation of firearms. Each and every year accidents occur from the accidental discharge of firearms. Because of this, responsible gun ownership should include proper gun safety education. This will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help keep you and others safe from accidents, which may occur from accidental discharge or improper handling of firearms.

Gun safety education on the use of a gun

Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy specializes in professional instruction of gun safety education and the proper use of a firearm. The basic principle of gun Gun Safety Education Boisesafety education is simply – SAFETY! For that reason, the basic rule to follow when handling any gun is simply to assume that the gun is loaded. That being the case, a firearm should always, repeat, should always be pointed in a safe direction. Remember, when it comes down to any type of firearm, safety is first and foremost. This includes a basic principle of whether a gun might be loaded or unloaded. It doesn’t matter, the important thing to remember is to always treat a gun as if it were loaded.

If a gun has a safety, the safety should always be engaged until it is ready to be fired.

Gun safety education teaches you the principles of safety including loading and unloading your gun, correct ammunition to use, maintaining your gun, as well as safe and proper storing of your firearms.

When handling a firearm you need to understand that your finger should never be placed on the trigger until you are sure of firing your gun. Your finger should always be placed on the outside of the trigger guard area and resting along side of your gun.

While there are many more principles of gun safety, Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy together with gun safety education can provide you with the professional instruction you need to learn the principles of handling firearms safely.