Professional gun instruction, gun safety, and fiearm education for Individuals and for the Idaho Enhanced CCW Permit

Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy CCW

Certified Firearms Instructor Boise-Shadow Dawg Firearms AcademyShadow Dawg Firearms Academy instructs and teaches gun safety education and training for the Idaho CCW permit and NRA classes as well as general gun training. On top of that, our focus is to teach individuals to shoot well, but with a total emphasis on safety. Our team of firearms instructors are professionally trained and experienced with firearms safety education, shooting lessons, and firearms training.

Shadow Dawg instructors understand how students can sometimes be apprehensive when enrolling in beginner shooting classes. Our job is to help you, not to be an obstacle. Your learning environment and firearms training will be relaxed and comfortable, and you will always be taught the private citizen point of view. At the end of the course, you will definitely be surprised with your performance and how well you did under our guidance. Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy CCW classes provide greater benefits and give you more confidence than any other CCW permit classes in the Treasure Valley.

NRA InstructorNRA Training CounselorNRA Range Safety Officer
Elaine Bowles
Certified NRA Training Counselor

Elaine is an NRA Training Counselor certified in Instructor in Basic Pistol, Personal Protection In the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Refuse to be a Victim, and a Certified NRA Range Safety Officer. She has been a teacher for many years (child birth, aerobics, quilting, firearms), and is an expert at conveying material to students. She is driven to excellence in whatever she does and is presently a Winchester/NRA distinguished expert in Pistol Shooting, which qualifies her as a Shadow Dawg Gunslinger. When she has time, she loves to shoot skeet and compete in events like IDPA and Shoot for a Cure. She is a retired nurse case manager and RN.. She has been teaching CCW permit classes for years. She was the Treasure Valley/Boise chapter leader for The Well armed Woman for 4 years and now is a leader of the Shadow dawg Pack, a free shooting club.  She built her own Ar 15. She makes tactical knives for Shadow Dawg.

The Well Armed Woman
Ed Bowles
Certified NRA Training Counselor

Ed is an NRA Training Counselor certified to teach Basic Pistol, PPITH, PPOTH, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun, Range Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse to Be a victim, as well as the instructor levels of the basic courses. He has been teaching for years (ceramics, surfing, chemistry, Chiropractic techniques, and firearms). He was introduced to shooting at the age of 8 with a 12 ga. shotgun and 30.06 rifle. He likes defensive shooting activities and shooting clays. He loves coaching students and friends through Winchester/NRA ratings for pistol. He is currently a Distinguished expert in Pistol and Defensive pistol, and is qualified as a Shadow Dawg Master Gunslinger. He is presently a Marksman First Class in shotgun and is working his way up the rating.  He is developed the non-lethal ammunition training, which we offer to children directed free of charge.  He is also a leader of the Shadow dawg Pack, a free shooting club.

Nate Muir
NRA Certified Instructor

Nate is an NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Pistol Shooting, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, and basic Rifle Shooting. He is also an NRA certified Range safety officer. He is highly skilled in handguns and AR's. He achieved distinguished expert at Front Sight 4 day pistol class. He graduated BSU as a pre-med student and is currently working on his masters degree.

Brian Zimmerman
NRA Certified Instructor
Brian is an NRA certified instructor in Basic Pistol, PPITH, and Basic Rifle. He is currently teaching at a local private college. His calm demeanor and ability to break a subject down to its basic parts makes him an excellent instructor.
Levi Dennis
NRA Certified Instructor
Levi is an NRA Certified instructor in Basic Pistol, PPITH, and PPOTH. He is also an NRA certified Range safety Officer. He has years of experience as a Range officer. He is presently an assistant manager at Impact Guns.
Ian Wise
Certified NRA Instructor
Ian is a Certified NRA Instructor in Basic Pistol, PPITH, Basic Shotgun, Basic Rifle. He is an NRA Range Safety Officer and a Glock Armorer. He grew up shooting, so has many years of experience, in spite of his young age. He is a military veteran who served this country well. He has a calm nature and everyone feels comfortable around him. He is a Winchester/NRA Distinguished Expert in Defensive Pistol and a Shadow Dawg Gunslinger.
Certified NRA Instructor
J P is a retired LEO who is certified by the state of California to train armed security guards. Working the streets of Compton as a detective has given him a unique insight into criminal behavior. He works with executive security details protecting politicians, diplomats and celebrities. He is a certified NRA Instructor in Basic Handgun, PPITH, and PPOTH, as well as being an NRA certified Range safety officer. He has a special interest in Active Shooter training. There is no one more serious about safety and training.