Idaho Enhanced CCW Class 04/24/2021

Shadow Dawg has perfected teaching the Idaho Enhanced CCW material. The class covers Handguns and the law, gun safety, ammunition safety, fundamentals of shooting: proper grip, proper stance, proper aiming, breath control, hold control, proper tirgger control, and follow through. Next we cover defensive principles: psychological effects of a life threatening event, physical responses to a life threatening event, physiological response to a life threatening event and how to react after a shooting. We cover planning to avoid dangerous situations and how to handle them when you cannot avoid them. We will take you through defensive shooting drills; safely drawing from the holster, flash sight picture, and point and shoot: all shooting at center mass, some drills from cover. By the end of class you will be able to draw and shoot in 1.5 seconds. We do all this, while keeping the class relaxed and fun. Call 1(208) 994-2817. We only take 6 students in a class, and class fills fast.