Course Fees

idaho ccw permit-shadow dawg firearms academy

Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy provides a variety of Enchanced CCW classes and NRA classes Boise offering a course curriculum with a full-range of firearms training for individuals, groups, families, women only classes, seniors, and young adults.

The following table outlines some of our more popular classes we provide in the Treasure Valley.

Class/Course NameClass/Course DescriptionStudent/InstructorCost of Attendance/Fees Per Student
Idaho Enhanced CCW ClassShadow Dawg TAC 1P + legal (Enhanced CCW)Student$170/1 student, $150each/2 students, $140 each/3 students, $140 each/4 students, $130 each/4 students, $120 each/5 students, $110 each/6 students
Beginner Handgunhandgun safety, parts and shooting fundamentalsStudent$$60
NRA Pistol InstructorNRA Pistol Instructor TrainingInstructor$200 includes BIT
NRA Rifle Instructor NRA Rifle Instructor TrainingInstructor$200
Range Safety OfficerNRA Range Safety Officer TrainingInstructor$120
NRA PPITH InstructorNRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor TrainingInstructor$200
NRA PPITHNRA Personal Protection in the Home Student TrainingStudent$150
NRA PPOTHNRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor TrainingInstructor$250
NRA PPOTHNRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Student TrainingStudent$200
Basic Shotgunsafety, parts, fundamentals of shooting claysstudent$80
Defensive shotgundefensive shooting techniques, different ready positions, slinging, loading techniques, shooting at silhouettesstudent$100
Defensive rifle - AR15positions, slinging, loading techniquesstudent$100

**The student/instructor cost per class is effective as of October 2016.

***All fees and cost of attendance for classes are subject to change without notice. Please visit this page or contact us at 208-994-2817 with any questions you may have. We would love to hear from you.