Is it necessary to fulfill the requirements of obtaining an Idaho CCW with the recent changes made in Idaho gun laws?

Now in Idaho, there are 3 ways to legally carry concealed.

Any resident of Idaho, 21 years old or older, that may legally possess a handgun, can carry concealed without a permit.

Any resident of Idaho that is 21 years old or older, that can show proof of training through the military, a hunter’s education class, a handgun training course from a college or the police department or an NRA Basic Pistol instructor, can obtain a permit for the Basic CCW. This CCW requires very basic knowledge and subject matter, takes 3 hours, and is usually conducted without Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy maintains high standard and will not give a class without range time. In addition, any Idaho resident between the ages of 18 and 21 can obtain a basic CCW by completing a ECCW course

Any person 21 yo or older can obtain an ECCW by completing a course that meets the requirements set forth by the State of Idaho: 8 hours of instruction covering basic handgun and ammunition knowledge, safe handgun and ammunition handling, safe handgun and ammunition storage, principles of self defense, 98 rounds of live fire at a range covering basic shooting and defensive shooting , and handguns and the law taught by a lawyer or intermediate post rated police officer.