Women’s Enhanced CCW Firearms Training Boise

The Well Armed Woman Classes Boise-Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy-Idaho Gun LawsThe instruction for the women’s enhanced CCW firearms training Boise is provided by certified instructor Elaine Bowles and the professional team members of Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy. Elaine is currently serving as the leader of the Treasure Valley, Idaho – Shooting Chapter of “The Well Armed Woman.” You can discover more about The Well Armed Woman and read their story, as well as visit the Shooting Chapter for the Treasure Valley.

The women’s enhanced CCW firearms training Boise offers the best firearms training in the Treasure Valley. This is accomplished within a controlled, comfortable, and relaxed environment where women can feel safe. It is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, safe gun handling procedures, and become proficient at using your firearm to protect yourself and your family.

Women will have the chance to learn and understand basic knowledge of their handgun, ammunition, parts, safe storage, body position, proper grip, aiming, correct firing, safe draw and return gun to holster. On top of that, women will learn shooting from cover and shooting and hitting a target without having to look at gun sights. Many other course benefits are included such as clearing pistol stoppages or jams and cleaning a pistol.

The women’s enhanced CCW firearms training Boise gives women confidence in their overall ability to handle a handgun safely and proficiently, whether shooting at the range or simply carrying concealed for self-defense. Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy wants to provide women with an enjoyable atmosphere where they can actually enjoy themselves while attending class and learning new skills.

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