Shadow Dawg Ladies Meeting

The Shadow Dawg Ladies held their weekly meeting on 10/11/2018  at Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range.  We played the shooting game “11’s”    We also ran timed drills on the course that included 2 moving targets and 3 static targets.  Patti dominated  “11’s”.  Call Ed at 1(2080 994-2817, if you would like to see if…

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Idaho CCW Classes in Boise-Shadow Dawg Firearms Academy

Idaho CCW Classes in Boise

Guidelines for the Idaho CCW Classes in Boise Self defense is a crucial part of today’s ever changing environment, and with it involves important aspects such as the Idaho CCW classes in Boise. So, knowing that basic principle, what part does CCW training play in the world of self defense? First of all, taking part…

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