Shadow Dawg 2017 Spring and Summer Class Schedule


The New 2017 Spring and Summer class schedules have been added to the calendar

You can also find the upcoming schedule for the popular Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Class in the calendar section.  Additional courses, new classes, and preferred training programs will be included as the weather is finally changing and the spring season begins.

Shadow Dawg TAC1-P is the foundation for defensive shooting. It starts with a lecture on the legal aspects of buying, owning and carrying a handgun. The federal laws concerning firearms, as well as the Idaho state laws for buying, owning, carrying and using a handgun in self defense. We start with safety. Then the basics of handgun and ammunition parts are covered. Next, proper grip, stance and firing are taught. Following that, principles of self defense, and defensive shooting techniques are covered: this will include physical and mental reactions to a life threatening situations, shooting from cover, defensive bulls- eye, moving forward to cover, and the proper way to safely draw and re-holster a handgun . The final step is to perform range drills under close supervision. Once you have completed this class, you can safely practice the skills you have learned. This course qualifies you to apply for the Idaho enhanced concealed carry permit and the Oregon concealed carry permit